Aluminum doors and windows purchase skills?

Many owners choose to buy aluminum doors and windows when decorating their new houses. Aluminum doors and windows not only look stylish, but also have a longer service life. What are the purchasing skills for aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Aluminum doors and windows purchase skills?

1. Profile structure

The cross-sectional area of ​​the frame of the aluminum door and window is an ordinary aluminum structure or a broken bridge aluminum structure. It is necessary to consult the merchant, whether there are samples, and pay attention to being stolen by bad merchants during installation.

2. Regular manufacturer doors and windows

Information such as the product name, product model or mark, manufacturer name or trademark, manufacturing date or serial number, etc. of the regular manufacturer will be marked on the obvious position of the doors and windows.

It is also recommended to choose big brands such as superhouse doors and windows, which are in the forefront of the industry all the year round, and their product quality is beyond doubt.

3. Aluminum windows and doors

The wall thickness should not be lower than the national standard 1.4mm, and the outer door wall thickness should not be lower than 2.0. When the opening of the window is relatively large, the wall thickness must be increased accordingly to bear the weight.

4. Aluminum door and window hardware

The key point when choosing aluminum doors and windows, especially the handle and sliding support part, good hardware has opening and closing test, that is, continuous opening and closing, simulating outdoor environment and other tests. A crash test similar to a car.

5. Installation of aluminum doors and windows

No matter how good a product is, as long as the installation is unqualified, the user experience is also extremely poor, such as tilting, water leakage, and ventilation.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult the merchants whether there are specifications for installing doors and windows, and the acceptance standards and procedures after completion.

Summary: The above is a complete introduction to the purchasing skills of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Finally, I hope this article can help you.



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