Double Hung Window or Single Hung Window

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What is an aluminum single-hung window? Aluminium single-hung windows have both an upper and lower sash. The lower sash is the part that moves and holds the panes in position. Only the lower sash can move. It slides up to allow in air, and then it slides down to close. The upper sash cannot be removed and is locked in place. What is an aluminum double-hung window? Aluminium double-hung windows have a removable upper sash and lower sash. These can slide up and down to allow in air. Vincent states that you can open both the top and bottom simultaneously, which allows for better circulation. The bottom can allow cool air to flow in, and warm air can escape through the top. Double-hung and single-hung windows are almost identical. They can be found in the same places throughout the house, including the living and family rooms and kitchens. Double-hung aluminium windows are popular for bedrooms and second and third floors. The top sash slides inwards and downs to clean both sides. Aluminium double-hung windows are great for promoting air circulation in rooms. They can be found in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture tends not to accumulate.
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