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Unitized curtain walls require factory fabricated panels. These panels may also include factory fabricated glass. These glass curtain wall units are attached to the building structure to create the building envelope. Unitary curtain walls offer several advantages: speed, low installation costs, and quality control in a controlled interior climate. Large projects in areas with high labor costs often pay off economically.

Features of unitized curtain walls.

1、Unitary curtain walls offer significant advantages because they can be used to repeat units and their installation. Monolithic curtain walls are more efficient than pole structures because the assembly process can be optimized off-site. A key factor is improved quality assurance because there are fewer processes and interfaces on site. The design of the floor panels facilitates the integration of internal wall elements. This is why monolithic curtain walls are preferred in construction projects.
2、Structural curtain wallis more flexible and better adapted to the movable joints in construction projects. Monolithic curtain walls are ideal for large building construction projects. Components arrive at the factory after a previous quality control process. This reduces the possibility of assembly errors and defects. Continuous quality control is performed during the curtain wall assembly process to ensure that the product meets all requirements.
3、One of the greatest advantages of monolithic curtain walls is their ease of use and speed of installation. Unitized systems are usually installed on the same floor. This allows other parties to enter the building while the curtain wall façade is being installed.

The cost of a glass curtain wall system varies depending on your specific project. Please contact us for a quote. Our team of experts will help you choose the best solution for your project to ensure the best possible outcome.

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