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Aluminium bi-fold patio doors have many benefits. You get more natural light indoors. A glass door can open up a large circle of light, which is a great way to bring more natural light into your house. It is easier to blend interior and exterior decor. The huge glass gives you a fantastic view of the outdoors when closed. When opened, it creates a large circle of light that blends perfectly the indoors and outdoors. The aluminium bi-fold doors are also very compact in space, as they fold back in a hexagonal accordion style so that when opened they take up very little space. This is an excellent option for small living spaces or gardens. Which do you prefer: sliding or bifolding doors? Aluminium bi-fold doors and sliding doors can be important elements of your home. You must understand the differences between them before you decide which one to choose. Let's take a look at the doors to get a better idea. Bi-fold doors, as the name implies, can be folded in half because they are hinged side to side. The door panels must be able to run along tracks on the ceiling, floor, or both. Sliding doors on the other hand are made up of two large panels that slide sideways and don't require extra space. Bi-folding is an option if you have a large opening for your door.  
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