General parameters of aluminum doors and windows

[Aluminum doors and windows manufacturers] Aluminum doors and windows will focus on comfort and appearance, so the appearance of aluminum doors and windows customization can easily solve the problem. Learn about the issues that need to be paid attention to in the customization of aluminum doors and windows today!

Aluminum door conventional high parameters

Generally, the height of the door for people to walk is 2-2.4m. If it exceeds, it will make people feel empty.

At the same time, some residents need to install waist windows on the doors and windows, but the height is preferably 0.4. If it is too high, it will affect the visual aesthetics.

If it is a door for vehicles or equipment to pass through, it is recommended to refer to the conventional height of the parking lot.

This prevents the vehicle from colliding with the door frame during bumpy handling.

Conventional width parameters of aluminum doors

Commonly used houses have doors of various types of spaces. Regular size owners can refer to:

The entrance door is 0.9-1m,

Room door 0.8 ~ 0.9m,

The kitchen door is about 0.8m,

The bathroom door is 0.7-0.8m,

These are all regular sizes. If there are other requirements, these can be flexible. Anyway, it is the most practical to make them bigger or smaller.

Conventional high parameters of aluminum windows

In general residential buildings, the window sill is generally required to be no less than 0.9m. If it is lower than this standard, it generally does not meet the requirements.

In the public area, the height of the window sill should be higher between 1.0-1.8m. Because of the large flow of people, the window sill must be made higher, which can reduce safety hazards.

Note that the height of the window cannot be customized arbitrarily, which will affect the lighting and ventilation, so it is better to follow the designer’s arrangement here.

Conventional width parameters of aluminum windows

Generally, the width of door and window openings is generally 300mm, that is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and so on.

When the window opening is too wide, a vertical keel or “scramble” should be added.

Therefore, if these small details of door and window design are not done well, it will directly affect the appearance of the home!

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