Why Choose Barn Doors?

Barn door, which was first used as a farm warehouse door, now an Internet celebrity in the home improvement industry and is very popular with young people. The reason is very simple - high value, strong applicability!

However, there are still many people who are not very familiar with the barn door, and it is not clear about its characteristics and scope of use. It doesn't matter, today I will talk to you in detail about the things at the barn door.


Characteristics of barn doors

The barn door is a sliding door, and unlike the traditional sliding door, the barn door track is exposed, and the door panel is connected to the wall by means of a slide rail and pulley above.

Not only that, but barn doors have many advantages:

(1) Space-saving, small door opening is preferred

The traditional sliding door is made in the door opening, no matter how it is pushed, it will always occupy half of the door opening space. The barn door is made on the wall, and when it is pushed open, it will not occupy the door opening space at all, ensuring absolute spaciousness when walking.

(2) Rich color, texture and high value

The color and texture of the barn door are much richer than the conventional door, installed at home, the value is really against the sky! And any style can be controlled, modern simplicity, Nordic, American, Japanese... Not to mention!

(3) Easy to install and practical

The components of the barn door are simple, the installation is easy, and it can be used almost anywhere in the home! And the disassembly is also simple, moving directly to take away ~ ~


Barn Doors
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