Why aluminum folding door is a good choice in your house decor plan?

Saving Space

The aluminum folding doors have the function of pushing the door to one side, which takes up less space and solves the problem of too small indoor space to a great extent. ​​

Moveable Room Divider

The aluminum folding doors can also perfectly distinguish the two areas. Due to the sound insulation and moisture-proof functions of the folding door, the two spaces do not interfere with each other. So APRO designed two structures to deal with different applicable scenarios. One is the design of the upper guide wheel and the lower load-bearing pulley block to deal with the scenes of indoor partitions and small openings. A design for the upper and lower coordinated forces to cope with scenes with large balconies, courtyards, and openings.


APRO FOLDING DOOR always meets your demands.


·Perfect for hot & cold climates to keep the ideal indoor temperature.

·Thermal struts that create a non-conductive bridge between the outsideand the inside of the door for greater energy efficiency.

·The a68t possess excellent structural integrity, it can hold up to100kg sashwhich make wider sash a possibility.

·Versatile door sash arrangement. The sash configuration can be 220/321/330/440/422/431/550/541/532.

·Unique design of turning corner 45 degree joint , this ensure the perfect sealing even for the turning corner section.

·Esthetic look.there is a post between the sashes which can cover up the hinges this also give us another advantage of easy maintenance.

·The door sashes are equipped wilth automatic locking mechanism, just press on the button and push to open , the rubber seals on the posts can protectour hand from being pinched.

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