The Advantage Of Using Roller Blind

Electric windproof roller blind uses modern electric roller shutter technology, by installing windproof rails at both ends of the roller shutter fabric, while the lower beam slides and pulls in the guide rail, to achieve the trajectory of the track.


As a more common product used in building shading, electric windproof roller blind has the following five characteristics and advantages:

1. Saving energy can prevent most of the heat from entering the window. Especially in the hot season, the number of times air conditioning needs to be used is reduced. During the winter months, keep the temperature in your home by reducing heat loss.

2. To prevent glare can prevent glare on the TV or computer screen, during the day for the indoors to provide atotallyl black environment, to create an excellent sleeping environment.

3 .To provide aesthetics they are more than the traditional blinds that can enhance the beauty of the residence, you can choose the most suitable roll color to use to make the building have a good appearance.

4. Enjoy the privacy of most blinds are made of plastic and fiber, whenever the sun is strong, you will find that they become a little transparent, the cracks between the blinds are also easy to see the interior, and the electric windproof roller blinds will not have these problems.

5. Do not block the line of sight using transparent outdoor roller blinds, not only can well shade the strong light, and control indoor brightness and heat, but also have good air permeability, while not watching the outdoor landscape from indoors.


APRO 's windproof roller blind has  four major advantages:

Minimalist design, invisible installation

Integrated snap guide rail, appearance without screw punching, hidden form installation, simple atmosphere; The minimalist geometric design perfectly interprets the modernist spirit of the building.

Smooth and smooth operation

Special structural design, unimpeded. The roller shutter box fabric is specially designed for a special structure through the inflection point: it has a "Y" shaped structure, and the fabric can pass smoothly without stuttering because the passing point is at a right angle. Silent guide rail, the inner polymer material of the guide rail adds a silent cotton design, which can ensure that the roller shutter will not appear metal friction noise when in use, and the operation is smooth.

Choose the special fabric TSL-2 for windproof roller shutters.

It has the characteristics of fire retardant, high mechanical properties, high weather resistance, high color fastness, constant size, self-cleaning function, and so on.

high-quality materials, long life.

Product accessories are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and key component screws are made of anti-rust alloy.

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