Sliding Door Buyer's Guide

In modern decoration, sliding door is widely used, usually with a partition on the balcony and living room, kitchen and dining room dividers, and so on, not only shape simple atmosphere, does not take up space, also can bring the natural light into our house. But what about the sliding door should you choose? And what are the considerations?


How to choose sliding doors?

Glass material.

Low-e glass can be more effective in heat insulation

In addition to the bathroom door, the kitchen door may need to use the frosted glass material, most of the other places of sliding transparent glass, and glass choose directly determine the visual effects and sound insulation of doors and windows. Select the vacuumed better tempered glass, even if broken, it wouldn't hurt, high safety factor. Households with higher requirements or low-e glass. If the summer, the outdoor temperature is high, low-e glass thermal radiation can be out to stop the heat into the room, to save some electricity.

Aluminum material.

Thermal break aluminum has stronger heat insulation, sealing and wind pressure resistance

The profile of the sliding door can be divided into aluminum alloy and thermal break aluminum alloy. Thermal break aluminum is a double-sided aluminum alloy profile, the middle of the use of pa66 heat insulation strip, thermal insulation performance is stronger. The lower quality profiles are relatively poor in terms of strength and sealing, wind pressure resistance, so when purchasing, you should observe whether the surface and cross-section of the material are flat.

Orbital height.

Can be selected according to different usage scenarios

Using sliding doors in different places, the track design is not the same. For example, the glass door of the balcony partition should be equipped with high and low tracks, which can play a role in preventing water ingress on rainy days; Considering the safety of the elderly and children in the home, it is possible to choose a sliding door without a lower rail, which is also conducive to cleaning and hygiene.

Accessories selection.

Advantages of APRO door and window accessories

The sense of use of sliding doors mainly looks at the sliding wheels, handles, shock absorbers and other accessories, and the pulleys configured by APRO doors and windows ensure the smooth and noiseless sliding of pushing and pulling, and also have the advantages of wear resistance and long service life, which can reduce the frequency of replacement of accessories; The handle can be installed or not, installed can switch more smoothly, there are also people who think that the handle will hinder the place, so this depends on the owner's hobbies and habits.


The installed buffer can solve the impact sound of the door leaf closing, the door leaf will automatically cushion down when it is about to reach the border, and then automatically close slowly and will not rebound; It can prevent the noise caused by the quick closing of the sliding door, and prevent the rapid closing of the sliding door from strong impact on the frame or pinch fingers.

The discussion on how to choose a sliding door is here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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