Latest Popular Awning --- Retractable Pergola

The outdoor Electric Dual-Track Retractable Pergola, a rising star in the European market, is a modern and stylish retractable roof system that is not obvious but gives people a bright eye, which is definitely an attractive addition to your outdoor area.

The retractable pergola is a combination of an orbital canopy and a retractable awning. The fabric is moved by a special motor with the expansion and contraction of the aluminum track, which allows the customer to feel the sunlight and air of nature when opened, and can be 100% waterproof and effectively block the sun when closed.


Strong endurance

The product can withstand wind power of up to 50km/h. The current maximum width is up to 50 m, and the outer floating extension: is 10 m.

Various shade fabrics

Shade fabrics are rich and diverse, with functions such as blocking excessive light and preventing dazzling visual sense. It can not only create a comfortable and soft light but also ensure the effectiveness of the outdoor landscape.

Perfect craftsmanship

Built-in screws ensure that the product is clean and coordinated and beautiful; Unique welding equipment and technology make the joints of the fabric more flat and wrinkle-free.


The APRO-Electric Dual-Track Retractable Pergola provides you with a smart leisure space that combines shade, wind, and rain. When closed, it provides a relaxing space that combines shade, wind and rain, and opens the canopy to enjoy the blue sky.

Outdoor shading leisure products are designed for courtyards, villas, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, parking lots, etc.; Retractable pergolas instantly add a sense of fashion technology, for the smart leisure home shading technology to create a leisure area.

Retractable Pergola
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