How To Choose A Sliding Window

The sliding window slides open horizontally from side to side. Sliding on the track, they require no extra space to operate, making them a popular choice along patios, porches, narrow walkways, or anywhere you don't want to swing your windows out. Sliding windows provide easy, controlled access to fresh air and provide excellent energy efficiency when closed.

Sliding windows are popular in contemporary and contemporary homes with clean lines and sleek designs. They can feature large accessible glass panels to accommodate generous horizontal areas on the walls. Adding grilles creates a sophisticated yet timeless look that goes well with more traditional homes.



(1) Free lighting and ventilation:

The opening area of the sliding window can reach up to 50% of the whole window, and the window opening position and vent can be selected relatively freely.

(2) Space saving:

Sliding windows are opened on a flat surface, so when opened, they will not occupy the space outside and inside, and will not affect the screen windows, curtains, etc.

(3) Easy to use:

The sliding window is pushed and pulled left and right, which is more convenient to use and very convenient to clean: the sliding window movable fan can be removed and cleaned.

However, Many people say that the sliding window structure has many disadvantages. For example, waterproofness and safety are not ideal. This view is very one-sided, and the sliding window can also be done very well.

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