Why Choose Casement Awning Window?

The casement awning window, which operates the handle of the window sash to drive the corresponding transmission of the hardware actuator, so that the window sash can be opened flat to the room or dumped into the room to open a certain angle of ventilation.

Characteristics of casement awning window


Ventilation effect

In the sliding window, the swing window, the tilt and turn window, the inner opening of the casement awning window and many opening methods, the ventilation effect varies according to the window type.

In general, the ventilation effect: sliding window /level window > inverted window > awning window.

But why do many people say that the open window has an advantage in ventilation?

1. It is not easy to blow when venting on the window! In this way, the wind blowing into the room (when the upper  window is opened) is generally not too strong, the soft ventilation is not easy to catch a cold, and it will not blow over the documents and other items on the table.

2. Ideal for high-rise curtain walls, office buildings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, homestays, apartments, etc... Place to use, home decoration is suitable for low floors, windy, rainy areas.

If it is used in the home, in daily life, we can switch between the open/awning suspension mode appropriately to achieve better daily ventilation.

Rainproof effect

Like the tilt and turn windows, a significant advantage of the casement awning window type is that its rainproof is quite superior!

In the "awning" state, it can effectively block the rain out. On rainy and rainy days, you can also leak a gap in the window to breathe fresh air; When you're out and about, even if you forget to close the window, don't worry~

Does not occupy indoor space

Whether it is the "open state" or the "upper state", it will not affect the indoor space, and when it is used daily, it avoids occupying indoor space when the window is opened.

As the tilt and turn window, in the home, the casement awning window on the outside is very suitable for use in crowded places such as bathrooms and kitchens, avoiding the conflict between the window and furniture such as faucets and cabinets.


The casement awning window is designed with a multi-lock point structure, and when the door and window are closed, it is resistant to prying and anti-theft, and the safety performance is high.

In addition, when the upper overhang is opened, the window can only be opened partially, and the hand cannot reach in from the outside; From the awning suspension state to the outer open state, it is necessary to close the window from the inside to rotate the handle, it is not easy to open from the outside, and the anti-theft ability is excellent! Especially suitable for use when there is no one at home~


# Attention to security matters

Since it can be opened, then the casement awning window can not avoid the risk of the window sash falling (the awning   window is only supported by sliding brace + screw fixation support when the upper window is opened, unlike other window gravity with the entire window frame support), so be sure to choose high-quality hardware accessories (related to safety, must not be saved) !!! If necessary, a fall-proof safety rope can also be installed to prevent the window sash from falling.

In addition, although the angle of casement awning window is small, the hidden dangers of child probes and falling injuries still exist. people with children at home, you can choose to open the casement awning window outside the window screen, 304 stainless steel diamond mesh anti-theft screen window + lock safety handle, the home is more secure ~

Casement Awning Window
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