Completely Folding Awning —— Cassette Awning

If your home is a ground floor yard or terrace, you don't want to change the structure of the wall but want to go outdoor expansion, you can choose this APRO CASSETTE AWNING.



It stretches freely, it can block the sun, block the rain, it is put away like a box, is completely free of any space.

The full-box heavy-duty curved arm awning has a comprehensive external shading function, which can completely block the ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, and reduce the air conditioning load;

APRO CASSETTE AWNING's curved arms are very thick, wind-resistant, equipped with light strips on the arms, and can also be played outdoors at night, all of which are very good choices.

The full-box heavy-duty curved arm awning, while shielding the hot summer day, can make the strong sunlight reflect into the room in the form of diffuse light, make the indoor light bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the window landscape seen from the interior, extending people's living space from indoor to outdoor, creating a new living space;

The full-box heavy-duty curved arm awning has a special anti-ultraviolet function of its sunshade cloth, which not only protects the human skin from the invasion of ultraviolet rays, but also greatly prolongs the service life of interior decoration and furniture, the awning has a colorful shade pattern, color, users can choose according to their needs!

APRO CASSETTE AWNING is more flexible than the traditional awning products, so the advantages are also more prominent, can be used in many places, and also supports telescopic in sunny days so that users can enjoy better practical results.

Cassette awning
Completely folding awning
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