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The superior performance and beautiful swing door can not only bring more comfort to life but also add color to home decoration. Now there are so many types of doors and windows on the market, many people may not know how to choose a good swing door, today we will share with you the purchase skills of swing doors.


First, the material of the swing door is very important

Now there are many doors and windows on the market, but today's mainstream choice is the thermal break aluminum alloy material, APRO thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and other superior performance, in the wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness and other aspects are designed according to the level of typhoon resistance in coastal areas, so that you can enjoy a comfortable life.

Second, the hardware of the swing door is very critical

Dampness is the natural enemy of many doors and windows! Especially in places such as kitchen and bathroom that are exposed to moisture and oil for a long time, the probability of oxidative corrosion of doors and windows and hardware also increases. Therefore, the quality of the hardware is very important, and it seems inconspicuous that it actually greatly affects the use function and service life of the swing door.

APRO energy-saving doors and windows adopt imported hardware such as German GU, ROTO, German Sigilia Siegenia and other excellent hardware accessories brand cooperation, all have quality assurance.

Third, the brand of swing door should be reliable

A. Reliable quality: APRO theermal break swing door using high-quality broken bridge aluminum profiles, self-produced automotive grade 3C double-layer hollow tempered glass, imported hardware or joint venture brand hardware, reliable quality, safe and durable.

B. Sealing noise: APRO adopts PA66 reinforced heat insulation strip, automotive grade EPDM EPDM epoxy-propylene sealing strip, so that the sealing effect of the door is better.

C. Customized demand: APRO has a systematic, complete internal supply chain, is the industry's most complete supporting comprehensive energy-saving doors and windows factory, that is, its own tempered glass production line, hollow and laminated production line, profile spraying production line, wood grain coil printing line, door and window processing production line... Exclusive doors and windows can be customized according to different environments, decoration styles and user needs.

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