APRO is certified by CSA in North America

Why Get CSA Certification

CSA certification is the standard for doors and windows in North America, ensuring that products meet relevant standards. CSA Group is a global leader in product testing and certification, and you can see this certification mark on billions of quality products around the world. Most of the customers we serve are from North America. To obtain this certification is to better serve North American customers. At the same time, we are also committed to producing higher-quality doors and windows for customers.


Three performance tests are required to obtain CSA certification:

Air tightness test

This test is to test the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows to gas. The test passed the maximum air leakage when the air pressure is +75Pa and the maximum air leakage when the air pressure is -75Pa. Even if there are pungent smells outside, such as garbage trucks passing by, harmful gas leaks, kitchen fumes, etc., the smell cannot enter the room.

Water Resistance Test

The test will withstand 220Pa water pressure and 290Pa water pressure for 24 minutes at close range, and the total test time is 48 minutes to ensure that the product does not leak. Even in heavy rain, standing water or spraying the glass with a water gun, there is no need to worry about water seeping in.

Wind pressure test

Through different pressure tests on both sides for a period of time, the internal air pressure is 2880 Pa. Check the glass for cracks and test the glass's ability to withstand pressure. Even in extreme weather such as typhoons, blizzards, extreme heat or cold, don't worry, the windows are still intact.

The last three tests passed perfectly. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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