Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pivot Door

What Are Pivot Doors?

A pivot or swivel door is a door that functions on a central point on which a mechanism swivels. A pivot door is different from a hinged door in that visible hinges on the side do not restrain the door; instead, it swings on a concealed axis a few inches from the opening frame.


What are the Advantages of Pivot Doors?

Here's why you should choose a pivot door:

Door panels can be built wider than side-hinged doors

They make great use of space

It can be sized to fit large entrances

Uninterrupted outdoor views when opened

Highly customizable

Can operate silently

It can be built to swing in, out, or both

Simple hardware

What are the Disadvantages of Pivot Doors?

Here are some negatives to consider, although not dealbreakers if you choose an exceptional brand and installation company that provides top-quality work:

Pivot doors do not have a frame and may not be as airtight as hinged doors

Difficult to weatherstrip

Vulnerable to warping (some warranties cover this)

Poorly installed doors can eventually drag and become difficult to open

It doesn't always suit humble or old home designs


Pivot Door
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