A swing door that never goes out of style

Nowadays, swing doors are one of the most common doors. aluminum alloy swing doors are in great demand on the market as a kind of home door, because the structure is relatively simple, waterproof, and easy to take care of, deeply loved by consumers.

However, many customers do not know much about swing doors, and people always ask: What is swing doors? Swing doors are so common, so what are their advantages? Today we will take you to understand the swing door.


What is a swing door?

Swing doors are a very common type of door on the market today, which refers to doors that are hinged on the side of the door, inward or outward.As one of the most common types of doors in life, have been popular for so many years and are favored by consumers, and naturally have its advantages.

1. High Security

Swing doors are far superior to other doors in terms of safety performance. Not only are the anti-theft doors on the market almost all swing doors, but also in the requirements of the safety evacuation door opening form, there are strict regulations: the evacuation doors of civil buildings and factories must use swing doors that open in the direction of evacuation. It can be seen that the safety performance of the swing door is high.

Swing doors are generally made of relatively hard materials, APRO doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum swing doors, the selection of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, durable, safe and anti-theft.

2. Good soundproof performance

The swing door in the switch will not produce noise, APRO thermal break swing door, its structure is carefully designed, the seams are tight, test results, air sound insulation volume reaches 30---40db can ensure that the residents within 50 meters of the highway are not disturbed by noise, adjacent to the downtown can also ensure indoor quiet and warm.

3. Durable and well sealed

The swing door is strong and durable, APRO thermal break swing door adopts new heat insulation bridge aluminum profile and self-produced insulating glass, with energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, waterproof and other functions. In terms of wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness and other aspects, it is designed according to the level of typhoon resistance in coastal areas and has reached the optimal standard in civil buildings after testing by the quality inspection department.

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