A Quick Guide To Industrial Style Glass Partitions

The industrial style glass and window look has been making a return recently and has become very popular not only on external windows and doors but also on internal black frame partitions and screens. The black grid framing (also known as banded glazing) used on glass partitioning adds a factory style look to any space without losing its clean, modern appearance. It's also great for smaller, closed rooms and offices as light and space can still flow between areas.

In this guide, we will look at how and where you can use industrial style glass framing or banded glazing in internal partitions or screens both in homes and commercial spaces. We will also look at the different types of partitions available in this style and how these can affect your budget.


How and where to use industrial style glass partitioning

Industrial glass framing "look" is linked to architectural styles from the start of the 20th Century, such as Art Deco. In partitioning, it can also be compared to the Japanese Shōji style walls (built using a grid of light timber frames with translucent paper material). However, as can be seen with recent trends, this decorative grid-style partitioning is versatile enough to work in most modern spaces and buildings.

There are many ways industrial style glass screens can be used and how it can play an active role in your space, for example by:

Creating subtle divisions without it feeling cramped

Allowing more light and space to flow between areas

Using the decorative grid to enhance your interior design

Creating a private, quiet area when acoustic glass or double glazing is used to reduce noise levels

Giving your space an industrial, stylish modern look

Creating a sense of openness, ideal for small spaces

Other benefits are:

Industrial style glass partitioning can be easy to install, taken down and moved (ensure you use an experienced, reputable glass installation company)

High ceilings are not usually an issue

The crossbars and grid pattern can be changed

There are various styles, materials and colours available (black or dark grey are the most popular colours)

These glass framing style walls are quite versatile, and there are many applications and places where it can be used, such as:

*Shower screens, wet rooms and bathrooms

*Mirrors by face fixing the bars

*Subtle divides between walkways, hallways and other rooms

*Open-plan kitchens to avoid smells in other places

*Lounges, game rooms and TV rooms, so the sound does not travel to other parts of the house

Black steel framing and glass work well in areas with exposed brick, concrete, stone, timber, painted walls and more. Thus, the system works well in homes, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.

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