What is a Fixed Windows and how to install it?

What is a fixed window, a window that cannot be ventilated and opened in the later stage. There are not many such windows used in the home, so the installation of fixed windows is also very unfamiliar.

What is an aluminum fixed windows?

The fixed window is to install the glass on the window frame with sealant, which is only used for lighting without opening the ventilation window, and has good water tightness and air tightness.

Fixed windows installation method

1. Install the top first, insert the screen window frame into the upper track first, then push the screen window frame upward, bend the screen window frame at the same time, and install the lower window frame into the lower track.

2. The general screen window installation is to put the top head first and then put the bottom head on the screen window track.

If it can’t be installed, check if the groove on the top of the screen window is not against the top horizontal of the outer frame.

3. Fix the screws at the four corners of the sand door with a hand electric drill.

4. First remove the two irons, let the top go into the groove first, then put the bottom, and finally press the iron on it is OK.

5. This sliding window can be installed outside with a track, or it can be used as an invisible screen window, and the casement window can be directly used as an invisible screen window!

What kind of windows are there?

1. Sliding window

Opening method: open in a plane, the window is pushed and pulled left and right or up and down along the track.

Applicable situation: low and medium-grade buildings such as industrial plants and ordinary family residences.

Advantages: It does not occupy indoor and outdoor space, it is simple and beautiful, and it is convenient to install screen windows and curtains.

Disadvantages: The maximum opening degree is 1/2, and it is difficult to clean the outward-facing glass surface.

2. Casement windows

Opening method: Windows open inwards or outwards.

Applicable situation: urban commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences, villas and other high-end buildings.

Advantages: flexible opening, large opening area, good ventilation, external opening does not occupy indoor space.

Disadvantages: The field of vision is not wide enough, the outward opening windows are easily damaged, the inward opening windows occupy the indoor space, and it is inconvenient to install curtains.

3. Hanging windows

Opening method: open inward or outward along the horizontal axis, divided into top-hung windows, bottom-hung windows, and middle-hung windows.

Applicable situation: It is mostly used in places where the installation position of windows is limited, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Advantages: The upper and lower hanging windows have a limited opening angle, which not only provides ventilation, but also ensures anti-theft safety.

Disadvantages: The ventilation performance of the upper and lower hanging windows is weak due to the small gap that can be opened.

4. Fixed windows

How to open: Install the glass to the window frame with sealant.

Applicable situation: only the place where lighting is not ventilated.

Advantages: good water tightness and air tightness.

Cons: No ventilation.

What is a fixed windows and how to install a fixed window, everyone should know it now. I hope today’s introduction will be helpful to you.


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