How to choose aluminum doors and windows for houses?

At present, there are two main types of windows for building houses, plastic-steel windows and aluminum alloy windows. Some say that plastic-steel windows are safe and firm, while others say that windows are rich in color.


1. Plastic steel window material

Plastic steel windows are mainly made of UPVC.

At the same time, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, the cavity of the profile is filled with steel lining (reinforcing ribs), and the window made in this way is called a plastic-steel window.

2. Aluminum alloy window material

Window made of aluminum alloy extruded profile as frame.

However, the plastic steel doors and windows are relatively heavy, and there will be a heavy feeling when the doors and windows are opened.

Aluminum alloy windows are lighter. If the window area is relatively large, aluminum alloy windows are more suitable.

Thermal PK

thermal insulation,Compared with the basic technical parameters of the aluminum alloy window, the PVC material is thousands of times that of the aluminum material!

Broken bridge aluminum technology, aluminum doors and windows are composed of two different sections through energy-saving heat insulation strips.

The main function is to disconnect the cold and heat transfer channels to prevent the rapid conduction of cold and heat.

Therefore, in terms of thermal insulation, although the aluminum alloy itself has poor thermal insulation, if you choose broken bridge aluminum windows, the two are comparable!

Sound insulation PK

Aluminum window frames generally have thinner walls, so sound can penetrate easily.

The multi-cavity of the plastic-steel profile and the thicker wall than that of the aluminum alloy, so the sound is less likely to penetrate from the profile.

The distance between the building where aluminum windows are installed and the main traffic road must reach 40 to 50 meters.

The plastic steel window can reach about 20 meters.

Therefore, in terms of sound insulation, plastic steel windows are better.

Wind pressure safety PK

The elasticity and tensile strength of plastic-steel materials are not as good as those of aluminum alloys, especially for large-area windows, which are prone to safety accidents.

For high-rise buildings and areas with frequent strong winds, it is better to choose regular aluminum doors and windows to be safer.

Air tightness and water tightness PK

Because of its PVC material, plastic steel windows are easily affected by temperature, which is still much inferior to aluminum alloy windows.

The air tightness and water tightness of plastic steel windows are one level lower than that of aluminum alloy windows!

To sum up, these two kinds of windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to judge which is better. It can only be said that the most suitable one is the best. Which one do you like?


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