Advantages of Aluminum Lifting Sliding Doors

Advantages of Lifting Sliding Doors

Lift Sliding Doors

Under the configuration requirements of commercial/residential buildings, sliding doors have become the decoration choice of many owners. Above the sliding door, you can also choose a suitable Lifting Sliding Doors for home upgrades:

Open up the wall space to complement the interior style;

The opening and closing operation is flexible, the load-bearing capacity is good, and the good sealing performance and practical design give full play to the safety protection effect of the lifting sliding door.

How the Aluminum lift sliding door works

The lift sliding door system utilizes the principle of leverage.

By gently turning the handle, the lifting and lowering of the door leaf is controlled to realize the opening and fixing of the door leaf.

When the handle is turned downward, the door leaf is in an open state (it can be pushed, pulled and slid freely).

When the handle is turned upwards, the door leaf is closed.

Lifting the function of  Sliding Doors

1. Convenient operation and flexible movement

The lifting and opening, lowering locking and positioning of the door leaf can only be achieved by rotating the handle.

2. Good sealing performance and remarkable energy saving effect

There is a certain gap between the lifting and lowering of the door leaf, and the sealing strip can be used to make the whole door achieve a better sealing effect.

3. Fixed at any position, higher stability

The door leaf with lifting accessories can be translated to any position (positioning), and the overall door leaf is thick and strong, which increases the stability of the whole door.

Superhouse Lifting Sliding Doors

A good door and window can make our life more and more delicate, and it can also make our life more and more at ease.

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